Lynn Osterkamp
The Cleo Sims Mystery Series

A paranormal mystery series set in Boulder, Colorado
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What critics say about the Cleo & Tyler mystery series:

"A very readable mystery that kept me wondering right up to the point where the culprit was unmasked. A winner for sure."
                               --TCM Reviews (for Too Near the Edge)

"The first few pages, with Mirabel’s murder, drew me in immediately. The rest of the book did not disappoint as the author did a
wonderful job of keeping the story moving, while developing characters who were interesting and believable."
---Feathered Quill Book Reviews (for Too Far Under)

"Gets hold of you from the first page and you can't seem to put it down. Recommended to anyone who loves mysteries"            
m (for Too Near the Edge)

"Just enough of a paranormal touch to make the story extraordinary. I highly recommend this novel and look forward to finding
out what Osterkamp has in store for Cleo in her next novel."
Reader Views (for Too Far Under)

"I give Too Near the Edge an 8 out of 10 on the Weaver meter."
--Sid Weaver, Mainly Mysteries

"The suspense becomes intense and the ending is quite riveting as our author brings this story to a dramatic conclusion....Read
Too Far Under and find out who got in too deep."

"The author weaves the neighborhoods and surrounding natural features of Boulder into the story in ways that made me feel
like I was there...a rare gift and one that certainly bodes well for future books."
-TCM Reviews (for Too Near the Edge)

"A good mystery story, characters that I made a connection with, and locations that I wanted to visit--what else can you ask for
in a book?"
                             --Reader Views (for Too Near the Edge)
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