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PMI Books

We publish books we like to read!


PMI Books was born in 2006, when we decided to publish a revised 4th edition of our popular stress-management book, Stress? Find Your BalanceOur stress-management company had been publishing the book since the mid-1980s when its original publishing company went out of business and we bought back the rights to the book and all that remained of the original 10,000 copies.

We had revised the book in 1988, and printed and sold another 40,000 copies. An Australian edition was published in 1994 by Stresstrac. 

But we were tired of printing and shipping books, so when Amazon began selling print-on-demand books and then released the Kindle, its first e-reader, we were eager adopters. Being able to get our books out without having to print and store thousands of copies was an exciting change.

Since then, PMI Books has published fifteen books, all available through Amazon, all on Amazon Kindle, and some in both paper and e-book format.

We are proud to be an independent small publisher.

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